Pauline & Bill

Syrencot, Figheldean, Salisbury


It is a long track to Syrecot, but 100% worth it! The beautiful venue is stunning has has classic, yet modern buildings and accommodation. Pauline & her crew got ready in the amazing ‘Billiard Room’, the perfect spot for hair, make-up, getting dressed & photos. When Bill arrived they pinned on their button holes and made their way outside for some pictures in the perfectly maintained grounds.

The ceremony was held in the light filled Glasshouse and despite Pauline’s lack of voice (due to a bit of laryngitis), she clearly said her ‘I do’ loud enough. The drinks reception in the gorgeous gardens & courtyard was just perfect and was an ideal backdrop for photos. I took Pauline & Bill off for a walk around the grounds for a bit of time to themselves… a few photos. They then joined their guests in the luxury Farmshed barn for their wedding breakfast. I was only there for a half day shoot, but rumour has it that Bill was pulling such great moves on the dance floor that he managed to injure himself!

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