OLD Portraits – Information

Our Style

Our Family Portrait Sessions last approximately 1 hour and can include as few or as many people as you would like – you can even bring your pets.

Preparing for your Portrait Session – If there is more than one person in the photographs it is a good idea to make sure your clothes work well together, too much black is not recommended but something timeless such as jeans work really well. Feel free to bring any props (sunglasses, toys, hats, guitars etc) and maybe a change of clothing for children. With younger children, sometimes it is worth an adult being dressed for photos (even if you do not want to be in any pictures) just in case they suddenly become clingy. If you have any special requests, please feel free to ask.

Newborn Portrait Sessions

I like to shoot babies in a very natural way, with soft blankets, little hats and maybe in a basket. It is best to book this session as soon as you can once your baby has been born, under 2 weeks old is best as they are easier to position and sleep better. I have a small selection of props such as hats, blankets, basket, bucket etc, but please feel free to bring your own items to make it more personal, especially if there is a particular image you would like. Please bring anything necessary to sooth your baby to sleep, I recommend holding off feeding them until you arrive, we can then get them undressed with the nappy unfastened and wrapped in a blanket before you feed them. These sessions can take up to 3 hours, it is nice to have your partner with you. Parents look best dress in plain clothing, black or white work particularly well. You might also think about some skin or skin pictures where you are cradling your baby with no top on, these will be tastefully photographed.

Location Portraits

I am happy to photograph on location at your home, in your garden or at a park etc (if you would like to go to a location that may require permission for photographs to be taken, please arrange this prior to our shoot). On location I will use either natural light or flash depending on the subject and situation.

After your Portrait session

Following your Portrait Session your photos can be viewed in a private section of the Stone Photos website. Pictures will normally be ready 3-5 days after your shoot. You can browse your photos at leisure and order prints, digital pictures & wall art. You will be able to order your pictures in colour and black & white. These will stay on the website for 4 months so you can return to see them again, purchase more pictures or share with friends and family.

Please have a look at our gallery and contact us for more details.

Pictures taken by Stone Photos may be used on the website and other marketing for Stone Photos.